Our Company


Environmental & Risk Management Services Philippines, Inc. is a pioneer in the risk management field, being the first company in the Philippines to offer risk management services, and also among Asia’s leaders in Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM).

Our company is a joint venture with Environmental and Risk Management Sdn Bhd, a Kuala Lumpur-based pioneer in risk management and fire safety engineering in Malaysia.

Since our incorporation, we have been serving the top companies in the Philippines in insurance risk assessments, safety audits, safety trainings and more recently in EWRM.

Our Capabilities


Money and securities, plants and properties, inventory, accounts receivables, patents, EDP hardware, software, rights and technology


Reduction in revenue or increases in expenses, loss due to returns and recalls


Civil and criminal liabilities, claims and claims from 3rd parties, suppliers, contractors, employees and government


Loss of employees with special skills talents, decreased efficiency, loss associated with death, disability, cost in searching replacements, succession plans, retirement funds, etc.


Public perception, public survey or industry rating, loss of clients, government sanctions, etc.

Our Risk Management Programs


Our programs are tailored to meet a company’s specific needs and embrace the four principles of risk management:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Acceptance
  • Risk Minimization
  • Risk Transfer

The performance of the individual phases of a risk management program is based on risk engineering, which includes loss control and auditing.

Insurance Risk Assessments


Insurance risk assessments are designed to serve the reinsurers, insurers, brokers with an impartial Property Risk Assessment service covering fire, machinery breakdown, business interruption, terrorism and sabotage including natural perils such as earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and others. The reports are drafted with incorporating risk improvement recommendations.

Why hire us?

Risk Information.

If you are an insurer, senior manager or business owner, our risk assessment and loss control reports detailed information on your facilities and the risks to which your properties are exposed.

Risk Awareness.

Our reports communicate and demonstrate the management’s awareness of risk and willingness to reduce risk.

Hire only the best.

Our risk engineers are recognized by the insurance industry as having done extensive work for insurance risk surveying and evaluation.

Cost savings.

If utilized correctly, our loss control program will achieve insurance cost savings.

Reduce the probability of loss.

Proper risk identification and evaluation will reduce the chances of loss from occurring. Coupled with the right approach to mitigation, your organization will be able to create a comprehensive strategy to prevent loss.

Organizational awareness.

Risk awareness, to be effective, should not be limited to top management. We develop awareness for safety and loss control among all employees.

Uninterrupted business.

You will achieve increased probability of continuous and uninterrupted business, even in crisis and disaster.

The Benefits of our Program

  • Better identification of opportunities and threats
  • A pro-active rather than reactive management approach
  • More effective allocation and use of resources
  • Improved incident management and reduction in loss and cost of risk, including insurance premiums
  • Improved stakeholder confidence and trust
  • Improved compliance with relevant legislation
  • Better corporate governance

Our Team


Environmental & Risk Management Services’ team is comprised of the top professionals in Asia’s ERM industry. Our multidisciplinary organization assures you of a comprehensive, current approach to managing your business risk.

Carlos Yturzaeta

EWRM Consultant

A well-known authority in the Philippines’ corporate risk assessment and management industry, Mr. Yturzaeta is regularly invited to speak on insurance, reinsurance, risk financing and risk management in seminars throughout Asia. He has been a guest speaker in major insurance and risk management conferences in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Sydney. He is currently our General Consultant on Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.

Leonard Gawecki

Consulting Engineer

Mr. Gawecki is a veteran Consulting Chemical and Risk Engineer. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia. At present, he is responsible for the coordination, assessment and preparation of various state-required major industrial development proposals and area studies. He has prepared numerous risk evaluation studies covering chemical and mechanical industries in Australia and Asia since 1990. He also has extensive training and experience in Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment in the process industries.

Ng Ling Pheng

Environmental Consultant

Ng Ling Pheng is a prominent environmental consultant in Malaysia. He has a degree in Environmental Science from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His professional background includes experience in a number of environmental planning and management assignments, including EIA studies for oil palm plantations, resorts and housing development, river sand and stone mining and forestry. He prepares environmental monitoring and audit reports for top corporations. He has also conducted related field work for project sites and environmental baseline data collation and interpretation on water quality, air quality and noise quality. He is a registered Individual Environmental Consultant (Environmental Protection Department of Sabah) and a registered Assistant EIA Consultant (Department of Environment, Malaysia).

Ramon Aparece

Risk Engineer

As ERM Services’ Head of Risk Management, Mr. Aparece is responsible for an extensive list of duties that include corporate training, hazards analysis of entire companies’ operations, roles in risk financing, insurance and documentation. He is also responsible for implementation of risk management programs by the company. He has a degree in Civil Engineering and his professional background includes experience in companies involved in marine, mechanical and chemical surveying, power and engines, steel manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, oil and gas, milling, and fire and casualty loss. He has also attended various training seminars on risk management, occupational health and safety, behavior-based safety training, environmental management representative skills, risk management application, business interruption, enterprise-wide risk management (EWRM) and loss control management (LCM).

Rodney McBride

Group Managing Director, Environmental and Risk Management

Rodney McBride spent 6 years as a Senior Building Surveyor for the local government in Sydney Australia. He worked 10 years with the ALP Risk Management Group, and spent 5 of those years as Manager and Director of the Australian operations in Sydney and 3 of those years as the Manager and Director of the Malaysian operations based in Kuala Lumpur. He is currently the Group Managing Director of ERM, covering the Asian Region since 1994. He holds an Associate Diploma in Health and Building Surveying and is a certified Health and Building Surveyor in Australia. He has completed courses in Noise Control, Microbiology, Pollution and Waste Control. He also holds a certificate in Fire Technology (Sydney). He is a Past President of the Australian Institute of Fire Technology, member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and the Australian Institute of Environmental Health, and a registered Individual Environmental Consultant by the Environmental Projection Department of Sabah.

He has presented numerous papers at seminars, conferences and workshops in Australia and Asia.

Wong Foong Mei

Environmental Consultant

Wong Foong Mei has extensive experience in Environmental Impact Assessment for mixed development, sanitary landfills, jetties, vehicle assembly plants and industrial development. He has created environmental management plans for marinas, chalets and jetties and conducts environmental audits for quarries and housing development. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia and is presently a registered Assistant EIA Consultant and registered Individual Environmental Consultant in Malaysia.

Wong Suh Chuen

Environmental Consultant

Wong Suh Chuen holds a degree in Environmental Management from University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and a degree in Biology and Chemistry from Campbell University, USA. His work experience includes EIA studies for township development, coastal resort development, industrial estate development and integrated farm development. The components of these studies include soil erosion, hydrology and water pollution. He has conducted site visits and environmental monitoring of air, noise and water quality. He has also conducted safety and hazard studies of chemical and steel industrial plants, water pollution due to aquaculture studies, site selection for wastewater treatment plants and EIA studies for water treatment. He is currently a registered EIA Consultant (Department of Environment, Malaysia) and a registered Individual Environmental Consultant (Environmental Protection Department of Sabah).